All I Wish (2017)

All I Wish (2017)

Sharon StoneTony GoldwynEllen BurstynLiza Lapira
Susan Walter


All I Wish (2017) is a English movie. Susan Walter has directed this movie. Sharon Stone,Tony Goldwyn,Ellen Burstyn,Liza Lapira are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. All I Wish (2017) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

An aspiring fashion designer struggles to find success and love. The story cuts into her life once a year, always on the same date: her birthday.

All I Wish (2017) Reviews

  • This is a truly entertaining movie but I am 68 so what do I know. Everything.


    I loved this movie. I do not understand the bad reviews and the audience rating here on IMDB. I found this movie so refreshing a change from all the big budget hoopla out there. Something for we lovers of real life being depicted in film and novels. That All I Wish works to the extent that it does is a testament to its star's incredibly appealing performance, in which she seems looser onscreen than she has in years. Given the relatively rare opportunity to showcase her comedic chops, Stone more than lives up to the challenge, somehow making her character's quirkiness charming rather than irritating. Goldwyn, looking relieved to be playing something light after years of melodrama on Scandal, is also enjoyable. All the characters in this film just have chemistry as a cast. I can't get over how great the acting is in this movie and how it could be so enjoyed by such a critic of romantic comedies.

  • Very enjoyable if not well done movie...


    Thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie as the older woman I am...Though I think Sharon Stone is 60 now and was playing a woman the age of 46 to start out with - a stretch, unless of course YOU ARE THE BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED, FUNNY SHARON STONE! Honestly, the movement of being older, unmarried and close to her mother was an interesting plot in itself. The fact she was "off the grid" as a woman to some degree lent fun and interest to the movie, especially as she slowly but surely was able to resurrect her life and succeed financially. She pulled it off very nicely in my opinion. I'm no "spring chick" either, but I saw the "chapters" of her mid-life for what they were; spliced with humor between her originality if not funkiness and her relationships with her best friend, her mother (also a bit of a diva) and the initially "stuffed shirt" lawyer who thawed out very well with little effort along the way. Sick to death of the cheap, mundane plots that are merely violent; oversexed and repetitious. Now THAT'S a REAL bore! This sunny picture gave me what I needed and wanted out of this woman's life: A JOURNEY, humor, tenacity, renewal and loving relationships, her Mom, her best friend, her guy, because frankly, that really is? WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT. Kudos Ms. Walters and all for making a fun, E N T E R T A I N I N G movie...For that is SUPPOSE to be? Much of what Hollywood is about - entertainment! Y'all "hit the mark" here.

  • Entertaining but Uneven


    I read somewhere that the screenplay for this movie was written with a woman in her mid-twenties in mind for the lead role, and Stone was considered for the role of the mother. Stone made the argument that the story would be more interesting with a more mature woman (her) as the lead. I don't know if it's more interesting, but that certainly explains why her character is so immature and why she is best friends with a young woman almost half her age, and two times more wisdom. There should have been some extensive re-writing to make this story more believable, and Stone's character less irritating. Come on girl, surely you know this stuff by now! I was very impressed with the actor who played her love interest - I loved his natural energy and intelligence.

  • All About Sharon


    All I Wish is clearly a Sharon Stone production. It's Sharon all the way and that's not a bad thing at all. She produced this so you know that her heart, if not her pocketbook is into this. She plays Senna a woman of '47', is what she says in the film, and she's a bit of a bad girl still, having fun with younger men and doing doobies with her younger best friend. In pops Tony Goldwyn and she falls for the guy, but to me it's clear that he is miscast. I was thinking that if say, Burt Reynolds were the guy there would be much more to go on. Goldwyn's character just isn't attuned to Senna. The script is clearly not quite there in terms of drama, jump cutting here and there... and although it goes year by year, with every birthday Senna has, the thread is lost somehow. The romance a tad derivative in the end, leaving the players too much on screen time. The film is too long. Sharon Stone is very good, and one wishes her more screen time in future. 6.1 Out Of 10

  • No


    I like pretty much all rom coms.... this was painful. The sound track was like something off an 80's my little pony The couple are weird. Nothing is convincing. But if you like seriously cheesy movies, that are made for a PG audience. Watch it!

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