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Aithe (2003)

Aithe (2003)

AbhishekHarinath Babu B.Mohit ChadhaVeerendra Chauhan
Chandra Sekhar Yeleti


Aithe (2003) is a Telugu movie. Chandra Sekhar Yeleti has directed this movie. Abhishek,Harinath Babu B.,Mohit Chadha,Veerendra Chauhan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2003. Aithe (2003) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Irfan Khan (Pavan Malhotra) is a key mafia affiliate in Mumbai. Khan is on the wanted list of criminals in Hyderabad with a bounty of 50 lakhs. Aiming to migrate to Dubai so that he could remotely control the operations in Mumbai, Khan devised a plan of hijacking a plane from Hyderabad to Kathmandu. His plan consisted of getting four of his own men to hijack a domestic flight from Hyderabad to Kathmandu(destined for Mumbai) in which he is a passenger. The home minister is also in the flight, and the four men are to release all the passengers and concentrate on the Home minister. From Kathmandu, he planned to go to Dubai. For the hijack operation, he organised a group of four intelligent men who were in dire need for money and who do not have a criminal record. The audience is made to believe in the beginning that the four central characters are these four men, but in fact they kidnap Khan before the flight takes off, aiming to get the prize money. They hide Khan in a forest and call ...


Aithe (2003) Reviews

  • Very refreshing and creative!


    In these days when one wonders what exactly is attracting the masses to Thelugu movies, Aithe shows all the traits such as sane direction, nice plot, sane action, fresh faces, good music, and excellent direction as reasons why movies should attract crowds. Gangaraaju and Yeleti have done a wonderful job behind the camera while the protagonists, though new to the big screen, have done laudable action. By staying away from cloyingly archaic trick of 5/6 songs, Gangaraaju & co. have done a great service to sane movie lovers. The only song in the movie is not only melodious but is very apt for the movie, a rarity in Indian movies. This movie will go down in the history as a milestone but only time will tell if movie makers will try to treat it as a benchmark!

  • This one's called an output of genius mind.


    Its been 15 years the movie released and I still feel this is more 15 years ahead in terms of Quality output. Gunnam Gangaraju and Chandrashekar Yeleti are two unsung heroes of Telugu Cinema who had crafted out a genius Movie by parting ways of regular Tollywood movie format. I salute to their genius mind in giving us such a beautiful movie to remember for life.

  • A very clever deception


    There are scripts and there are scripts, this is the latter. Chandrasekhar Yeleti and Gunnam Gangaraju have done a great job with the script and Yeleti directed it amazingly well. I wish to see more movies like this in Telugu, where mostly idiotic and nonsense scripts rule the roost, until movies like this happens, on par with most good Hollywood movies and far better than almost all Hindi movies, this is a gem of a movie. Funny at some scenes, the actors are amazing, the script doesn't have any flaws, unless you take the motives of the four lead actors during various situations, which again aren't really flawed, only questionable. Excellent acting by Pawan Malhotra, he truly is a genius. The only problem I had with the movie is this - the disguise he thinks will get him past security at the airport doesn't really impress me, it would not fool anybody. I gave this a 9 out of 10 just for the great screenplay.

  • Ingenious


    Chandrasekhar Yeleti represents the new face of Telugu cinema. The creativity in the plot, the way the characters are handled and the outcome. You can never predict the next scene of the film, and in fact by the time the movie is over you are completely taken aback by the genius of the script. I doubt even the film directors from the north can match Yeleti's brilliance. There is so less focus on the songs and dance part that it can be considered international in terms of the treatment carried to the film. He probably is the only director who can close to direct a film closer to "Chinatown(1974)". It is the screenplay of such a convoluted script that holds you on till the end. Congrats to him once again for directing such a wonderful film.


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