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Actor for Hire (2015)

Actor for Hire (2015)

Jesse O'NeillJoel HoganJandres BurgosGreg Perrow
Marcus Mizelle


Actor for Hire (2015) is a English movie. Marcus Mizelle has directed this movie. Jesse O'Neill,Joel Hogan,Jandres Burgos,Greg Perrow are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Actor for Hire (2015) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Being a BALD, out of work actor and desperate to be seen, Jesse discovers the power of persona in the form of a cheap wig. Wearing a part to play the part can be hairy business in this industry satire where status, celebrity, and friendship are all on the line.

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Actor for Hire (2015) Reviews

  • Modern comedy elements


    Another ratings stuffer Lots of drug use, hetero and homosexuality, acting actually is below average. This thing was just thrown together by some guys with some money who wanted to make a movie. Not a lot of foul language, which is surprising, given the raunchiness. low budget, I guess it got the awards for 'alternative lifestyle' hit, sometimes movies get extra kudos for that stuff movie is way over rated, probably the individuals affiliated in this thing have each given it a ten

  • Must see hilarious comedy!


    A fresh & fabulous directorial debut by Marcus Mizelle, this is a flat out hilarious movie! Top class indie representing the best of what comedy can provide. Seriously. It's a solid story & a great ensemble cast who keep the laughs coming. It's also filled with familiar LA spots, which if you're familiar with LA, you'll appreciate & if you've ever been on set, or on an audition, you will find Actor for Hire surprisingly spot-on with its insights into Hollywood & what it takes to make it in this town. Very real & very funny. For anyone who has ever dreamed of making it in Hollywood, Actor for Hire is a blast to watch. A hidden gem that's even better the second time around!

  • A glimpse into the awful struggle for a budding actor to get noticed....


    "Actor for Hire" recently was given the Best Ensemble Cast award at the Orlando Film Festival. This film, no doubt, will resonate strongly with folks in the film industry as well as with folks putting on film festivals. After all, the film features a group of young people who want to break into acting but who struggle to even get noticed! One of the struggling actors in this movie, Jesse, goes so far as to try something a bit audacious--to don a wig and create an all-new persona. After all, being bald hasn't gotten him any parts...perhaps having Keanu Reeves-style hair will! Surprisingly, he's now suddenly very popular...very, very popular. He apparently now has 'the look' and the future looks bright for him. However, just because things look good doesn't mean this film is going to have a happy ending for Jesse...especially when he's in a land of phonies and he's quickly becoming a phony himself. And, interestingly, the production was actually filmed in and around Hollywood. Marcus Mizelle wrote and directed this film. While he has quite a few production credits already many have the less glamorous ones, such as a grip--one of the guys who assists the camera operator. Now this doesn't mean Marcus hasn't tried his hand at either directing or writing-- but these were almost exclusively short films. Here with "Actor for Hire", he's taking a big step and is helming a full-length picture. Because this is rather new to him, I didn't expect a perfect film...which it isn't. I really hesitate to rate it, as I don't want to discourage any of the folks who were in the film--and you cannot compare this sort of picture with a big-budget Hollywood release. But it is very interesting, the cast quite engaging and the film shows a lot of promise. I'd love to see what he and these other folks are doing in the near future, as I would assume they'd continue to hone their craft and only get better.

  • Original,funny,well made film


    I had the pleasure of seeing "Actor For Hire" at the Cucalorus 21 film festival. I found it to be hilarious, yet it still had enough pathos to keep me riveted. The film hits upon what actors go through daily trying to get a part in ANYTHING. The main character Jesse is betrayed by his girlfriend and his roommate, whom have been hooking up behind Jesse's back.During the process of having to find a new place to live, with no money,he meets a method actor who, along with three other guys, end up becoming his friends. Marcus Mizelle's concept of a bald actor, who finally succumbs to buying a wig, is a fresh perspective. The wig became another character in the film, which is where some of the funniest moments came from. Although the film somewhat satirizes the film industry, it does so in a way that isn't scathing or revengeful. The film reveals the fact that even non-actors are acting in their daily lives as well. The film was shot with a crew of three people, which boggles my mind. I can barely keep a cell phone camera steady, let alone a hand-held camera such as the one Mizelle used. There is a black and white scene that is just brilliant as well. I predict that this film is going to get a ton of distribution deals and I know that audiences are going to love it.


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