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AC/DC: No Bull (1996)

AC/DC: No Bull (1996)

AC/DCAngus YoungMalcolm YoungBrian Johnson
David Mallet


AC/DC: No Bull (1996) is a English movie. David Mallet has directed this movie. AC/DC,Angus Young,Malcolm Young,Brian Johnson are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1996. AC/DC: No Bull (1996) is considered one of the best Documentary,Music movie in India and around the world.

Very much a follow up to their 1991 concert film masterpiece Live At Donington, No Bull was designed to capture the over the top spectacle that was the 1996 Ballbreaker tour. On board again was the renowned director David Mallet who once agaian used film to document the proceedings, this time around at the Plaza De Toros De Las Ventas bullfighting arena in Madrid, Spain. Ultimately rushed for release in 1996 for the home video market, Mallet was always unhappy with the results of the final product. Until now. The film has been completely re-edited in HD and the audio remixed in both Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound - for the ballbreaking experience it was always meant to be.


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AC/DC: No Bull (1996) Reviews

  • Good concert- No Bull!!!!


    This is a fantastic concert which has been marred by poor sound mixing during studio reproduction. Some of Brian's vocals are non-existant in many of the songs and the bottom end base is there but very dull, not crisp and clear as we have come to expect from ACCA DACCA. Still it is worth a watch as they belt out number after number as only they can. I saw this concert live in Brisbane and this DVD does the concert justice. Apart from the poor sound there is one significant difference from "Live at Donnington" and that is the return of Phil Rudd on drums. He replaced Chris Slade who is arguably a better drummer but Phil's profile seems to fit in better with ACDC despite him being sacked by the band formerly in the eighties. Most fans will delight in this show.



    This one rocking DVD that has be played loud to be appreciated. Every track is a hit song. 1.back in black 2. shot down in flames 3."Thunderstruck", 4. "Girls Got Rhythm" 5. "Hard As a Rock", 6. "shoot to Thrill" 7."Boogie Man" 8. "Hail Ceasar", 9. "Hells BElls" 10. "Dog Eat Dog" 11. "the Jack" 12."Ballbreaker", 13. "Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" 14. "Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap", 15. You Shook Me All Night Long" 16. ""Whole Lotta Rosie" 17. "T.N.T.", 18. "let their be Rock" 19. "Highway To Hell", 20. "For Those about To Rock (We Salute You)". The crowd was into this show and its heard very well on a 5.1 system. On this DVD you get the music video to "Hard As A Rock", and behind-the-scenes making of the music video. The guitar playing of Angus Young is great especially his solo work during "Boogie Man". A great concert DVD on those days you just want to rock 9/10.

  • Poor Reproduction


    This concert should not have been released; as a follow up to "Live at Donington," "No Bull" is of very poor quality and does not compare to the former at all. Basic synopsis: AC/DC on stage being filmed (most likely) with a camcorder, (early 80s at that). The reproduced sound is just awful. The saving grace of this film is that the band is playing old songs from earlier times that are never usually performed at concerts; however, sadly, these songs are marred by poor video and sound quality--what could have been great becomes something that is not. By the end of the film, something that should have been exciting and refreshing is anything but; indeed, to watch this film is a true test of patience, when trying not to turn the DVD off and put something else on instead. Not only do I own this DVD, but I have also seen it playing at a few different pubs as well, and the crowds do not respond well. Something that is supposed to be exciting and uplifting is instead marred by poor quality to the point that even if one strains hard to listen, the songs are almost indistinguishable. Soon the DVD becomes poor quality background noise to the din of the pub-goers because the DVD cannot keep people's attention. Basically, the DVD gives a bad impression of a band that usually can blow any crowd away, live or otherwise.

  • Incredible! Woodstock on crystal meth


    AC/DC has always been one of my favorite music groups ever. Forget rock, because they rule in that genre. And this tape proves it. In this concert in Madrid, Spain, the crazy ausies perform some of there best hits (with or without Bon Scott because now we have the funniest singer ever Brian Johnson) including Back In Black, The Jack, You Shook Me All Night Long, For Those About to Rock, and my favorite- Thunderstruck. Very well done concert film, even if it is just a concert with no interviews (unlike the 1980 film Let there be Rock) because if AC/DC, with the Angus Young skipping guitar virtuoso, isn't a perfect example of the rock band, I don't know what is. A+

  • Horrible editing!


    This was a great concert for sure. However, the video footage is painful to watch due to switching cameras at a pretty constant rate of 4 seconds. I am almost getting spasm watching it. The video editor should have been fired. The sound was pretty good though and it is always fun to watch AC/DC perform.

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